LightUpMyHome offers a long line of candelabra chandeliers to light up your entire home. Then there are scores of modern chandeliers in rectangular and square shapes. Here is a list of some amazing candelabra and rectangular chandeliers that you can add to any setting.

6-light Smoke Black Crystal and Glass Candelabra Chandelier

The 8-light Smoke Black Crystal and Glass Candelabra Chandelier can light up your home with beauty and a classic appeal. It has an amazing all-glass frame with shimmering crystals creating an appealing focal point in any room.

The candelabra chandelier features 6 lights and an amazing arrangement of smoked-black crystals, creating a classic ambiance. The chandelier measures 26 by 26 inches in height and diameter, and includes a 7-foot hanging chain.

There’s a matching round ceiling canopy that creates a stunning effect. All the wire units are stainless steel and there is a solid iron base. The entire chandelier weighs 35 pounds without the candle-shaped light bulbs.

8-light Elegant Crystal and Glass Flush Candelabra Chandelier

The 8-light Elegant Crystal and Glass Flush Candelabra Chandelier helps add a royal feel to your home. This is an amazing candelabra chandelier that can draw everyone’s attention. It features shining crystals and an all-glass frame, creating a lovely focal point that you’ll be proud of.

The chandelier features 8 lights, scores of hanging crystals, and it is flush mounted. It is 22-inches wide and 28-inches in height. There is a matching round-shaped ceiling canopy in stainless steel that adds to the look. The chandelier features a solid iron base and weighs around 27 pounds.

Luminous White Rectangular Contemporary Chandelier

If you love dimensions and solid shapes, the Luminous White Rectangular Contemporary Chandelier is a great chandelier for you. Measuring a stunning 40 inches by 10 inches in dimensions, this rectangular chandelier is the perfect lighting and decoration piece for larger rooms. This chandelier is a great option for any room that has a block or solid-shaped theme.

The gleaming white and clear crystals are bar-shaped, and the chandelier base plate has a chrome finish. This modern chandelier also features the choice of energy-efficient LED lighting. It has 16 lights with 8 regular light bulbs and 8 LEDs, spread equally across the base. You can choose whether to switch on the LEDs or the other lights, or both for more lighting.

There are 140 white crystals, 7 inches in height. The overall height of the unique unit is 14 inches. There’s a 5-foot stainless steel hanging wire that allows easy light adjustments. The entire construction is chrome-finished stainless steel and a solid iron base. The rectangular chandelier weighs 28 pounds.

In addition, LightUpMyHome offers hundreds of other chandeliers and lighting systems for homes and offices. You can choose from a wide range of options, including crystal pendants, drum pendants, high ceiling pendants, mini or linear pendants, multi-light pendants and foyers. There are single-light chandeliers for small rooms and multiple-light chandeliers with hundreds of crystals in a variety of colors.

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