For a bedroom, overhead lighting may be a bit too harsh. One way to make the lighting more pleasant is to use a chandelier as it not only makes the light less harsh on the eyes, it also adds a lot to the room’s décor. Though chandeliers are more commonly used in foyers, dining rooms and in high-ceilinged rooms, more and more people are using them to add a bit of elegance and grandeur to their bedrooms. Take for example the Large Square 24-Light 3-Tier Flush Mount Crystal Chandelier, it’s very well-designed and sophisticated look will add a luxurious feel to any master bedroom. Visit to get the right choice.


Chandeliers come in all sizes and styles. Finding the right one for your bedroom is not that difficult but you do need to take some time to figure some simple things out. For one thing, the room will have to be measured in order to find out the right size of chandelier that will be perfect for the room. You also need to consider what the function of the chandelier is. For instance, the 20-Light Contemporary Square Flush Mount Chandelier will do a magnificent job of providing ambient light to your bedroom, while the very stylish 15-Light Round Black and Silver Flush-Mount Crystal Ceiling Lamp provides softer lighting.


The size of the chandelier will depend on the height of the walls and the size of your bedroom. You will initially need to add the width of the room with the length (in feet) and the resulting figure will be considered in inches instead of feet. For example, if the width of your bedroom is 12 feet and the length is 16 feet, then the result of adding them together is 28 feet. When that is considered as inches, it becomes 28 inches. That is the width of the chandelier that will fit best in your bedroom. This means that the 8-light Elegant Crystal and Glass Candelabra Chandelier Pendant will be absolutely perfect for your bedroom.


You also need to find out what the exact purpose of the chandelier will be. Is it a part of your bedroom’s lighting plan for ambient light? Is it decorative and for mood lighting? For ambient light, the chandelier will have to have an electrical switch to ensure the brightness of its light. If it is for mood lighting, then a dimmer switch would be required. If you are most likely to be walking under it, then it should be a relatively shorter chandelier or one that comes with a flush or semi-flush setting.

The 24-Light All Crystal Chrome Glass Flush Chandelier is one that will be perfect of your ceiling is not so high. Its chrome finish and lights will provide brightness and elegance to your bedroom. If you prefer a round-shaped chandelier then the 25-Light Round Black and Silver Hanging Crystal Pendant will be the one for you.


The design or décor of the bedroom will determine the style of your chandelier. Having a modern bedroom means you need to look for a chandelier with a modern design like the spectacular Large Square 24-Light White Crystal and Chrome Glass Flush Mount Chandelier.

Another modern design that will be perfect for a rectangular shaped bedroom is the Luminous White Rectangular Contemporary Chandelier. It’s LED configuration also makes it very energy efficient as well as extremely tasteful.

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