Finding the perfect lighting is very important in giving a home a feel and a look that is uniquely your own. The fixtures you choose will be the ones that will showcase your style and personality. This is especially true when it comes to your foyer lighting. An entryway, whether large or small, is the very first thing that guests see when they arrive in your home and sets the tone for the rest of the house. This means that you need to take some time to look for the perfect foyer chandelier for you and offers best deal.


What Do You Look For?

That depends on your sense of personal style. For some homes, an elegant fixture like the Round 3-Ring Chrome and Crystal Chandelier may be just what you need to make your foyer some light and add some elegance.

But then a much grander foyer will require something a little more elaborate. If your foyer is big and the space is also large with an impressive staircase to boot, then an intricate 8-Foot Rainfall Chrome Crystal Ball Chandelier will definitely add a lot of sparkle and splendor to it.

You need not worry about finding good foyer lighting because there are just so many choices available to you no matter how eclectic, modern, traditional or contemporary your style is. For example, this magnificent Grand Camilla Style Crystal Leaf Chandelier is a candelabra chandelier that shall definitely light up your foyer and make it look luxurious.

Note the Height

When it comes to foyer lighting, height is extremely important. You would not want your guests to bump their heads on your chandelier no matter how expensive or grand it may be. For a ceiling that is very high, you need a much taller chandelier like the exquisite 8-Foot Majestic Spiraling Flush Mount String Crystal Chandelier.

As a general rule, chandeliers should not be lower than 7 and a half feet above the floor though higher will not be a problem. The measurement is taken from the floor up to the lowest point of the chandelier. For a 2 story foyer, it is advisable not to have the chandelier hanging below the second story floor level.


Having a foyer light fixture which is too small in width or diameter will become lost in a large foyer and a massive chandelier will overpower a small space. In order to make sure you have the right diameter for your entryway, measure the length and width of the foyer; add the numbers together and consider the total, as inches, as the desirable diameter. For example a chandelier of 24 inches in diameter will look best in a foyer that is 12 feet by 12 feet like the 6-light Elegant Crystal and Glass Candelabra Chandelier Pendant.

Think Out of the Box

If your entryway is rather small and you still would like to have something special like a chandelier, you can consider something more eclectic. For a rectangular entryway, you can opt for chandeliers that are also rectangular in shape. The Rectangular Palm Beach Chandelier is actually perfect as task lighting but can also do wonders for an entryway.  Another elegant choice is the Rectangular Miami Crystal Pendant Chandelier. Still more unique to an entryway is the 40-Inch 6-Light Black Rectangular Crystal. Or, better yet, consider the Chrome Linear String Crystal Drizzle Flush Mount Chandelier   which is very distinctive in its design and shape.

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