A chandelier is a lot more than just a source of light. It floats in a room and becomes a major component of the home’s décor. The right chandelier can dramatically change the way a room looks and feels. Having an ornate and large-sized chandelier in a small room will definitely be overwhelming while a simple and small chandelier will look out of place in a large room.

What is the right diameter?

Before choosing a chandelier, you need to measure – in feet — the width and length of the room wherein you intend to have it in. Add the width and length. For example, your room is about 12 feet wide by 14 feet long. Adding 12 and 14 will give you 26. Now change that number to inches and you will need a 26 inch diameter chandelier for that room. If you are thinking of having a chandelier above your dining table, you will need a diameter of chandelier which is 12 inches smaller than the width of the dining table.  LightUpMyHome.com is the right place to get a new chandelier.

Therefore, if your room measures 12 feet wide by 14 feet long, the 26 inch diameter 6-light Smoke Black Crystal and Glass Candelabra Chandelier will be perfect with its glass frame and exquisite glistening crystals.

What is the right length?

The higher your ceiling is, the taller your chandelier can be. For example, for your foyer, the chandelier needs to be around 7 feet from the floor and this is measured from the bottom of your chosen chandelier. For example, the Elegant Black Glass Chandelier will look perfect for your foyer if it is hung 7 feet from the floor.

When the chandelier is to be located above the dining table, then the height of the chandelier needs to be about 30 inches from the top of the table to the bottom of the chandelier if your dining room ceiling is 8 feet. The Large Round 3-Ring Chrome and Crystal Chandelier will look absolutely stunning in your dining room when it is hung at the right length.

Where is the chandelier to be hung?

The location where you intend to hang the chandelier will have an impact on the style of your lighting. Although a vast majority of people picture chandeliers as something that should be hung in foyers or dining rooms, they can be used in many other rooms within your home. For example, hanging a Round 3-Ring Chrome and Crystal Chandelier will add a touch of elegance and glamor in a study. While the 8-light Elegant Crystal and Glass Flush Candelabra Chandelier can make your bedroom a very inviting room to be in.

What is the style of the room?

A chandelier is supposed to complement the theme or décor of a room. In a modern design room, a traditional ornate chandelier may not be as attractive as using one that has a much more modern design. The opposite is also true; a modern chandelier will not suit a room with a traditional feel and design.

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