When it comes to household lighting, there will soon be widespread use of energy-efficient LED lighting. Although a lot of people are not yet aware of the cost-effectiveness and the efficiency of LEDs, the demand is sure to keep growing. Soon, LEDs will replace almost all other lighting for daily use in homes, offices, and outdoor signage. LightUpMyHome.com offers many products.

LEDs Save Money

A significant portion of the electricity bills for most households is made up of traditional lighting. LED uses only a small fraction of electricity as compared to traditional lighting; about 10% – 15% as compared to incandescent lighting. Therefore, the same amount of lighting is available at the fraction of the price. A home that uses traditional lighting, the act of switching to LED lighting is a great way to control the electricity bill and ever rising energy costs.

As a matter of fact, using glow lighting like the 8-Inch Floating LED Glow Light Orb Ball or its larger cousin the 10-Inch Floating LED Glow Light Orb Ball will help you not only save on electricity bills but also enjoy pleasantly diffused lighting in your home, in your pool, or on your patio. They can also be used to float on the pool to create that almost magical lighting that will surely make your evenings interesting.

Longer Life and Durable

Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs are more durable and last much longer that either CFL or incandescent lighting. Because the lighting system is made up of relatively small lenses or capsules wherein there are small chips placed upon heat conducting materials, LEDs are more durable and can cope with bumping and jarring making them a great option for glow light systems like the elegantly durable 16-Inch Floating LED Glow Light Orb Ball which can be used either for indoor or outdoor lighting.

Even more durable is the 12-Inch LED Glow Light Cube Chair Stool which can be used as an innovative mood lighting outdoors, as a glowing table, or a glowing stool. Aside from the durable LED lights, its body is also durable enough to handle up to 300 pounds of weight. A great conversation and practical piece for parties as it provides illumination, mood lighting, and usefulness.

Stays Cool

Switching to more effective and efficient lighting systems like LEDs does not mean that you compromise of the quality of light within your home. For example, 16-Inch LED Glow Light Cube Chair Stool, allows you to choose whether you would like diffused warm white lighting or go for colors like Red, Lime Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Baby Blue and many more. Plus, LEDs are not like incandescent lighting that produces heat more than light. There is no significant amount of heat and will not contribute to the building up of heat within a room.


Because lights like the Rechargeable Waterpoof LED Glow Light Chair Stool Table use much less energy than incandescent lights, you will be able to not only enjoy soft, glowing light, but also lessen your carbon emissions. LEDs also are made up of materials that are fully recyclable and there is no mercury.

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