A home is a haven, and the lighting of a home makes it more comfortable. Lighting can change the mood within a room just as it can help to change the way the size of a room is perceived. The type and placement of lights are very important elements of designing the interior of a home, and work in tandem with selections of color, room furniture, and the availability of natural light. When the elements come together, a simple room can be transformed into a smooth combination of style and functionality.

One of the key elements of the interior design of a room is the use is light fixtures. Decorative lighting is akin to jewelry, as it accessorizes and dresses a room up or down. For example, choosing the appropriate ceiling light is critical, as it can either make or break the look and design of a room. There are innumerable selections of ceiling lights, pendants, chandeliers, and downlights available for lighting and jazzing up a room.

When trying to create a plan for your lighting, the first thing that must be done is the determination of your goals as far as lighting is concerned. You need to figure out what activities are likely to take place within each room and which lighting fixture can provide the best mood, functionality and décor. It is important to find the right balance between all the lighting styles for each and every area of your home. Remember that you can use a number of lights to create different effects within a room, and you may want to use different fixtures to create the desired effect you want. It is always a good idea to make use of multiple light sources in one room to achieve the perfect balance and to also provide a backup for when one fixture breaks down and you need illumination within the room.

If you love the classic look of a candelabra, you can take advantage of the extremely elegant 6-light Smoke Black Crystal and Glass Candelabra Chandelier in an all-glass frame and draped with smoked black crystals to give a room a sophisticated classy look. A variation of this classic item is the 8-light Elegant Crystal and Glass Flush Candelabra Chandelier, with its sparkling crystals adding a touch of tasteful grace and contemporary style.

Contemporary elegance can be brought to life in a room with the Large Round 3-Ring Chrome and Crystal Chandelier, with its 3 spiral frames that create the illusion of diamonds of light flowing through sparkling crystals. A larger version is the Round 3-Ring Chrome and Crystal Chandelier which is the perfect light source for your elegant room. The Miami Beach 3-Ring Crystal Chandelier also features a spiral frame with a matching ceiling canopy to add a delightful touch to this work of art.

Luminous White Rectangular Contemporary Chandelier has a chic chrome finish covered in crystal bars and features the use of energy-efficient LED lights – tasteful, functional and energy-saving. Enchanting sophistication can be brought into a room by the 8-Foot Majestic Spiraling Flush Mount String Crystal Chandelier, with its fairylike crystals that delicately spiral downwards. This sparkling enchantment of a chandelier is absolutely breathtaking in any high-ceilinged room.

When choosing a light fixture, you need to ask yourself if the room wherein you would like to place the fixture is classic, contemporary, traditional, or modern. There are several types of light fixtures which come in numerous styles, colors, finishes, and sizes which can really help to match with the rest of the room’s interior design. You also need to decide on which finish will best suit the room. Although mixing and matching can result in delightfully artistic results, some combinations may not create the total look you envision for your room or your home.

Room size is a critical element. The size of your light fixture needs to be in proportion with the rest of the room and its contents, and you need to consider the height of the ceiling as well. Remember that you may be so tempted to choose an elegant chandelier, but it may not fit your room if the ceiling is too low to accommodate its length. For low ceilings, flush or semi-flush fixtures may be the perfect solution.

If you prefer ceiling lights that are flush or are secured tightly to the ceiling, then the very modern styled 15-Light Round Black and Silver Flush-Mount Crystal Ceiling Lamp featuring a silk shade of charcoal black with stylish chromed glass balls and sparkling crystals.  The 25-Light Round Black and Silver Hanging Crystal Pendant offers a very modern ambiance to any hallway or room.

The 20-Light Contemporary Square Flush Mount Chandelier featuring a shade entirely made of 25 sparkling 5 inch teardrop crystals, which help to diffuse the illumination of 20 lights. For more sophisticated contemporary elegance, the Large Square 24-Light 3-Tier Flush Mount Crystal Chandelier provides graceful polish and style, as it has three tiers of high quality stainless steel and exquisite crystal.

For those who prefer to have their ceiling lights as semi-flush or suspended from their ceiling with a small space or gap between ceiling and fixture, there is no shortage of tasteful and chic choices. The amazing Large Square 24-Light White Crystal and Chrome Glass Flush Mount Chandelier brings refined elegance to any room, with its white-lined crystals, 31 lights, shimmering clear crystals, and chromed glass balls.  And for sheer stylish and contemporary ambiance, the 24-Light All Crystal Chrome Glass Flush Chandelier has its refined stainless steel base and chromed glass, as well as crystals throughout.

The proper use of lighting can have an immense impact in your home. It can either add or take away from a room’s overall décor. Lights can also emphasize surfaces, displays, or focal points within a room. They can help make a room appear more spacious or cozy. Lighting also needs to be functional and not merely a waste of electricity.

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