When it comes to your home, lighting arrangements require some careful planning. Lights should not be too dim or too bright. When lighting is done well, you and your family will feel comfortable while you go about your daily activities. Before you update or install your home’s lighting, you should take some time to think about how each room within your home is to be used during the daytime and at night. For example, your dining table may be the preferred space for your kids when they want to work on their homework at the end of the day, your living room may double as a home-office, or you may be using your guestroom as the perfect spot for some serious hobby space.

When rooms are multi-functional, they require task lighting as well as ambient lighting.  Areas that are open plan can benefit greatly from the use of pools of lights to create special corners or nooks without walls.  In general, there are three levels of lighting which can be used for the home, and they are:

  1. Low-level lighting, which is best used for activities like watching TV or simply relaxing
  2. Moderate-level lighting, which is best used in areas where you exercise, eat, read, etc.
  3. High-level lighting for areas within your home where complicated tasks are done

There are so many types of lighting fixtures available for each and every level of lighting and for each and every nook and cranny in your home. However, planning ahead allows you the opportunity to choose which fixtures will best suit each room within your home.

Among those many lighting choices are chandeliers. They help to add style and sparkle to your dining room or foyer, while providing much needed general lighting when entertaining or dining. They can be used in bedrooms, studies, or any other major room. Some chandeliers have down lights which can accent items or provide task lighting. Controlling the intensity of light to alter the ambience or mood of a room can be done easily by means of a dimmer.

To provide an enchanting look to a room, consider the 8-Foot Majestic Spiraling Flush Mount String Crystal Chandelier. It is a sparkling masterpiece of exquisite crystals that spiral downward to add that dreamlike ambience to any room, hall, or stairwell. A variation of this fairylike crystal confection is the 8-Foot Rainfall Chrome Crystal Ball Chandelier, with its magnificent crystal balls that hang from impressive strings made of stainless steel.

Traditional elegance can be provided by the 6-light Elegant Crystal and Glass Candelabra Chandelier Pendant. It is a classic design comprised of an all-glass frame accented with crystals, which definitely gives any room a great look. The Grand Camilla Style Crystal Leaf Chandelier provides a fascinating look with its bronze finish and unique leaf-crystal design. For a more classic look, there is the amazing 6-Light Elegant White Chandelier that has that incredibly sophisticated all-white look that can only be rivaled by the Elegant White Glass Chandelier.

In contrast, the Chrome Linear String Crystal Drizzle Flush Mount Chandelier can give any room modern elegance. This gorgeous linear chandelier features raining crystals that hang through stainless steel strings which give it an almost magical look.

Pendant lighting can also provide general and task lighting. Pendants are equipped with globes or shades which help to prevent glare. These charming light fixtures are usually suspended from the ceiling over work areas, tables, and countertops. Dimmers can allow for more control of the light intensity depending on the tasks or occasion.

The Rectangular Miami Crystal Pendant Chandelier is perfect for lighting a countertop or table. It is a very modern fixture with an amazing chrome finish and is covered with splendid crystals.  Another rectangular marvel is the Rectangular Palm Beach Chandelier, which features 5-lights and has an impressive chrome finish with brilliant crystals that catch the eye.  A striking rectangular creation is the 40-Inch 6-Light Black Rectangular Crystal Chandelier, with its impressive 6 lights, chrome finish, and an elegant shade of black silk which accentuates the 100 teardrop crystals.

Round chandeliers and pendants are also great fixtures for any room. The Round Gold Crystal Pendant has 3 lights, a gold finish, and crystal adornments with a matching round ceiling canopy.  A unique design chandelier is the Round 3-Ring Chrome and Crystal Chandelier, with its superb rings adorned with crystals which make light sparkle as if there were diamonds in the room. A variation of those magnificent rings is the Miami Beach 3-Ring Crystal Chandelier.

However, all lighting need not come from ceilings and walls alone. Glowing lights can be used to illuminate rooms, the outdoors, and even pools. The 10-Inch Floating LED Glow Light Orb Ball is waterproof and can be used to illuminate a pool by floating on the surface or be immersed up to 2 meters to provide light from within. A remote control makes changing colors and turning it on and off a breeze.

These innovative glow lights provide a magical effect to any room, and especially outdoors. Imagine walking along your walkway with dreamlike orbs of lights guiding your path. If you are partial to cubes, the 16-Inch LED Glow Light Cube Chair Stool is the perfect light fixture for you. It is practically indestructible and can carry loads of up to 300 lbs. It can change colors – 16 colors in all – by using a very handy remote control. It can be used as a chair or as a table while providing light. It can be the perfect element in a child’s room or a conversation piece outdoors.

The right use of lighting can transform a house into a comfortable home. It will allow the homeowners’ personality to shine all throughout the home. When the lighting is not well-planned, details such as opulent furniture and expensive wall coverings will all be lost. Getting lighting right is critical if you are to make the best of your home.

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