Whether you’re renting half of a house, live in a five-bedroom home, or a studio apartment, your focus should not simply be on the décor of the interior. The lighting fixtures that you use for the interior and exterior should count too because this serves as an illumination for an area. A poorly-lit room will not be fully functional, and no matter how beautiful or expensive the décor might be they will not be featured without proper lighting.

Here at Light Up My Home, our aim is to provide you with a wide array of lighting products that you can use not just to illuminate – but also decorate your home. This means that our lighting fixtures are as aesthetically pleasing as they are fully functional. Read on to find out which products you can use from our selection of lighting fixtures to illuminate and decorate your home’s interior and exterior.

Lighting Fixtures for Indoor Use 

First, here is a list of the selection of indoor lighting products that LightUpMyHome has:

  • Crystal Pendants
  • Drum Pendants
  • Entry/Foyer
  • Floor Lamps
  • High Ceiling Pendants
  • Flush Mount/Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Lights
  • Linear Pendants
  • Mini-Pendants
  • Multi-Light Pendants
  • Sconces
  • Table Lamps 

If you are decorating your kitchen, you can use a flush mount ceiling light above the sink or the breakfast nook. Under-cabinet lights can be installed to provide soft lighting for when you’re cooking meals in the kitchen. For the living room, you can take your pick from the different chandelier products available at LightUpMyHome.com including crystal pendants, drum pendants, and chandeliers for entryways or foyers.

Before deciding which style or type of interior lighting fixture it is that you should buy, assess the area first. Make sure that the lighting fixture is not too large that it dominates a small room or too small that it looks awkward against a big area. Also, make sure that the lighting fixture provides an ample amount of light to the area that’s being furnished or decorated.

How about for Outdoor Use? 

For outdoor use, LightUpMyHome.com has LED lights, patio lights, orb balls, floating LED glow lights, and other customized lights suitable for your home’s exterior. As you can see, LightUpMyHome.com can serve as a one-stop shop for all your indoor and outdoor lighting needs. Whether you’re newly furnishing or redecorating your home, you can rely on this online retail store to deliver the goods in terms of functionality, quality, and aesthetics.

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