Oasis 48 Light Floating Glass Globe LED Chandelier, Round Canopy, Chrome

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This gorgeous pendant pairs forty eight beautiful clear glass globes with a gorgeous soft subtle display of light. This pendant can be multiplied and set up in a cluster creating a floating glass…

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This gorgeous pendant pairs forty-eight beautiful clear glass globes with a soft, subtle display of light. This pendant can be multiplied and set up in a cluster creating a floating glass ball effect.


48 glass globes each measure 4 inches in diameter and have a frosted center
The length of the cables is preset to the exact design pictured; however, each cable can be shortened – but not made longer
The lengths of the cables vary with the shortest measuring 41 inches and the longest measuring 144 inches
Adjust the wires to your desired length, all wires are completely wired to the chandelier. There is no need to connect any of the socket wires to the chandelier.
Fixture finish: Chrome
Large round canopy measures 32 inches in diameter x 2 inches high
48 X G4 3W 110V LED light bulbs (included)
Light bulbs are G4 110V 3W 284 Lumens, 3000K (yellowish color)
This chandelier is compatible with a dimmer switch (not included)
This chandelier will work on a sloped/ slanted/ angled roof
Heavy assembly is required

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“The way we light our homes reflects not only our taste but also our emotional sanctuary.” The magic of interior lighting lies in crafting the perfect atmosphere
within our homes; the tapestry of our lives. Whether we opt for the cool, contemporary glow or the warm, inviting radiance, these choices profoundly affect the ambiance. It’s a reminder that beauty emerges when light gracefully dances around us, showing us that our perception of the world is intricately tied to the play of light and shadow.



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